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Tutsi. Escorts Moscow

Hello Everyone, I am Tutsi, a 23 year old Bulgarian girl working as escort in Moscow. I can say myself that I look quite different from others as I have dusky complexion, long black hair, slender figure, and fine bosom to make you my own. I am excellent in massage and will remove all stress, tension from your body as my firm hands move over your skin. Later, you can put me down gently on bed, massage my tits or shower me with kisses. I am fond of kissing and like to get intimate with you in various ways. I am comfortable with hanging out with you in restaurants and pubs, but my personal preference is my well lit apartment where romantic aroma works magic for both of us. I like to act as your best friend with whom you can share your feelings quite comfortably. I am well suited to meet after office hours or late night hours when you are really tired and desperately need some love to cheer yourself up. I can provide you that love full of tender kisses and emotions. Please call my firm or drop a message mentioning my name to confirm a date with me. Once you have done this, I am all yours and you will fully enjoy my escort services in Moscow.

Tutsi Escort Moscow
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  • Age23
  • Weight53
  • Height170
  • Breasts2