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Olga. Escorts Moscow

Hello Everyone, I am Olga, a golden beauty with slender figure, red lips, lovely bosom and mysterious green eyes. My friend teases me by calling me Madonna as I resemble her a lot. I am an escort in Moscow passionate about having sex and always try new things to please my men. Usually, I indulge in erotic games that involve bonding, kissing and hugging. After much foreplay; I give pleasure to my date through KS positions. My appearance may look like a hardcore party girl; but in reality, I am a simple girl who prefers spending some quality time with you in my apartment than venturing outside. I am well suited to date, for men who have huge appetite for sex and men who are looking for some rest with a lovely lady after working all day long. I am excellent in both kinds of situation. I also love to play your romantic girlfriend too especially in evening hours when you deserve a nice break after working all day long. Please call my agency or drop a message through contact- form to reserve a date with me.

Olga Escort Moscow
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  • Age23
  • Weight53
  • Height169
  • Breasts2